A highly practical, 7-module e-course to help you discover and pursue God's unique plan for your life.
We encourage individuals to go though the course as a group of five or more, if possible. Not only will you have the support, encouragement and accountability of others, but you will all receive a reduced price* for the course.  *Discounted price only available for groups of five or more.

Discover Your Purpose

Millions of Christians today want to be used by God to make a difference in the world…to know clearly His plan and purpose for their lives. Are you one of them? Would you like help finding and pursuing God’s unique purpose for your life? 

Do you feel like something's missing in your life, or you're searching for something more?

As a follower of Jesus, you've checked all the boxes - you go to church, pray, read your Bible. But you still sense there's something more to the Christian life than what you're experiencing right now and you're not sure what to do about it. This experience is not uncommon. 

Do you want to have confidence in your purpose?

Millions of Jesus followers today want to know God more deeply and be used by Him, but feel stumped on how to get there. They wish they could say with confidence: “I know God’s purpose for my life, and I’m walking in it.” But they can’t. 

There ARE Christians, though, who’ve found deep meaning and purpose in their lives...

everyday people who’ve discovered how God has uniquely designed and equipped them to make a difference in the world. Christians who’ve found the joy and fulfillment of pursuing a dream or vision greater than themselves. Jesus followers living a great adventure.   

YOU can be one of those Christians.

My Story

Hi, I’m Joseph Anfuso. Like many Jesus followers, and perhaps like you, I was serious about my Christian faith and desperately wanted to be used by God. 

For many years, I tried to deepen my relationship with God by faithfully attending church services, reading my Bible daily, and praying often. For a time, I even lived communally with other committed Christians, joining in daily prayer meetings and Bible studies, as well as frequent trips into the street to share the gospel.  

Most of the time, though, I felt like an invisible barrier was blocking me from having greater intimacy with God, from feeling as useful to Him and others as I wanted to be. It was deeply frustrating. And the months and years seemed to slip by with little or no progress. 
It wasn’t until I experienced more of God’s love for me—and allowed Him to replace the lies I was believing about myself with His Truth—that things began to change. Not overnight, of course. But gradually I began to move forward. I took on more responsibilities in my home church, and was even ordained as an elder. 
What I didn’t realize at the time, though, was that God had a more specific and personal calling on my life—one that fit me to a T. I didn’t know exactly where He was leading me, and I had to be willing to take “baby steps” along the way, but where I ended up exceeded my wildest expectations. Not only because of the positive impact this calling had on my life, but because of the impact it had on thousands of other lives, too.  
That’s what inspired me to create this course: the deep conviction that what God did in my life is something He can do—and wants to do—in every Christian’s life.  

You see, your life matters. You were designed by God to make a real and needed difference in the world. And by discovering and pursuing His unique plan and purpose for you, you can experience the same deep sense of meaning and fulfillment I have experienced in mine. That is the purpose of this course. 

Go deep with 7 learning sessions

Each Session Includes:
  • A teaching video from Joseph
  • Practical “actions steps”
  • The opportunity to see how God has uniquely designed and equipped you to be useful to Him and a blessing to others. 

Learn How to Live a Life of Meaning

You’ll experience engaging online learning as you discover what it takes to live a meaningful life that blesses others and glorifies God.    

You'll Learn:

  • How to weave together your personal life story, and the passions and gifts God has given you, to create a life with meaning and purpose 
  • Why every detail of your story matters—even the painful parts 
  • How you can use your unique gifts, passions and life experiences to change the world 
  • Why inner transformation is the key to living a life with purpose 
  • What it means to serve and love others in a life-changing way 
  • How your response to life’s “curveballs” can make or break your sense of meaning 
  • Why the Church and the world need YOU to step up in your unique calling 
  • How to gain courage to follow Jesus into the adventure He has in mind for you 
  • How to notice and respond to the daily nudges of the Holy Spirit  

Immersive Story Telling

Joseph's stories come alive through more than 20 colorful animations. 

Are you ready to start your great adventure?

The Living on Purpose e-course includes seven engaging video training sessions, 25 practical action steps to begin discovering and living your purpose, and an 88-page printable and digital workbook.

We encourage individuals to go though the course as a group of five or more, if possible. Not only will you have the support, encouragement and accountability of others, but you will all receive a reduced price* for the course.  *Discounted price only available for groups of five or more.


I've taken the course myself and was deeply impacted by the depth and breadth of the journey it took me on. It's a standout resource for personal discovery and purposeful living. I look forward to passing this course on to others who are ready to live from the center of God's plan for each of them.
Pastor Rick Vogt
When Joseph Anfuso asked me to take his new e-course and offer personal feedback, I said yes. I honestly thought I was reviewing it for those just starting out...young men and women beginning to recognize their place in God’s Kingdom work. But y’all - This was for ME. I’m being challenged to consider and submit (again) to God’s purpose for my life. In short, this course is transformative. I truly believe Joseph’s story and the supplementary material will be a catalyst for Gospel-centered and life-changing growth. Do it alone, with your family, or in a small group. I’m considering doing all three.   
Lisa DaSilva
As a Mental Health Expert, I can tell you in my over 30 years of experience having a Strong personal mission is a key to long-term healing and recovery. I so enjoyed going through this exceptionally well-done program and the workbook was such a complete guide to step through the process. Thank you, Joseph, for putting your heart and soul into this work. It will change many lives. 
Dr. Gregory Jantz
This course rocked me, in a good way. Through the action items especially, God uncovered some lies I didn't realize I still believed about myself and helped me replace them with what He says about me. Then I was able to envision His purpose for my life in a fresh, exciting way with practical tools to do my part in making it a reality.
Tim Ainley
The online course was truly life changing for me. It helped me to clearly see where God has brought me, how He has designed me, and what parts of my life are most important. The videos were very engaging, and the workbook encouraged me to dream big while equipping me with steps to take. I finished the course with excitement for the adventures God has planned for me.
Melanie Kruse

Session 1 - The Power of Story / Why Knowing Your Own Story is Essential

Joseph shares his personal story to illustrate how all our stories contain “clues” that can help us discern God’s unique plan and purpose for our lives.
In this first session, you’ll have the opportunity to look more closely at your story as a first step toward seeing how your unique life experiences are actually one of the ways you’ve been equipped to pursue God’s unique purpose for your life. 
Action steps that will help you:
  • Identify the unique trials and painful experiences you’ve had to deal with in your life
  • Identify your unique “DNA”
  • Divide your personal story into “chapters” 

Session 2 - Home At Last / Why Honesty and Vulnerability are Prerequisites to Discovering and Pursuing God’s Purpose for Your Life

Joseph completes his personal story. Once again, he does this to exemplify the kind of honesty and vulnerability you will need to experience a life rich with meaning and purpose.   
Action steps that will help you:
  • Identify the times when God showed up in your life in unexpected ways, at unexpected times
  • Understand and appreciate the roles that love, mercy, and grace played in you becoming a follower of Jesus
  • Identify specific “scenes” during each chapter of your story that shaped how you came to see yourself and what you came to believe about yourself

Session 3 - Unleashing Your Story / How to Overcome Toxic Emotions and Limiting Beliefs

Exposing the way anger, resentment, self-pity, and comparing yourself with others can keep you from finding and pursuing God’s unique purpose for your life.
Actions steps that will help you:
  • Identify areas of your life where you’ve struggled with anger, resentment and/or self-pity
  • Identify specific people you’ve compared yourself to, and as a result felt inadequate or “less than”
  • Name the positive ways you’re different from these people, and how God might want to use these qualities to have a positive impact on the lives of others
  • Identify the “limiting beliefs” that are holding you back from finding and pursuing God’s unique purpose for your life

Session 4 - Wounded Healers / How to Experience More of God’s Love

How to position yourself to receive more of God’s love, without which you’ll never be able to find and pursue God’s unique purpose for your life.     

Action steps that will help you:
  • Contrast the flawed way your earthly father or mother expressed their love for you with the perfect love of your Heavenly Father
  • Identify the experiences, struggles, and/or personal traits you may think disqualify you from receiving God’s love
  • Identify, commemorate, and commit to memory the specific times God drew near to you to reveal His love

Session 5 - Knowing Your True Worth / Appreciating Your Intrinsic Value, and Discovering How God has Uniquely Gifted You to Serve and Bless Others

Every individual person has infinite worth. And God’s plan or strategy for the Church involves every member making his or her unique contribution. 
Action steps that will help you:
  • Appreciate how you’ve been “fearfully and wonderfully made” by your Creator to fulfill a unique and needed purpose
  • Identify the everyday Jesus followers who’ve had a significant impact on your life
  • Identify the unique spiritual gifts God has given you
  • Write your "obituary"

Session 6 - The Importance of Vision / Living for Something Greater Than Yourself

The only way your life will have meaning is if you pursue a vision greater than yourself. Fulfilling that vision requires patience, perseverance, and an unfailing trust in God’s timing. It also requires a specific long-term, mid-term, and short-term vision.
Action steps that will help you:
  • Identify the specific human needs you deeply care about (Passion Profile)
  • Closely examine how you spend your time
  • Write your 5-year Vision 
  • Create your 10-Year Vision 

Session 7 - Living on the Forward Edge / How to Keep Saying “Yes” to God’s Plan for Your Life

God often reveals His plans for us through circumstances we didn’t anticipate or seek for—a phenomenon Joseph calls “serendestiny.” How we respond to these “serendestiny moments” directly relates to finding and pursuing God’s unique purpose for our lives. 
Action steps that will help you:
  • Identify the times in your life when God unexpectedly invited you to follow Him into unknown territory, and how He used those “serendestiny moments" to reveal His plans for you
  • Create your 1-Year Vision
  • Identify the specific “baby steps” you'd need to take to pursue your 1-Year Vision
  • Reach out to people who are doing what you wish you were doing
  • Write your “Personal Mission Statement”

Are you ready to join us on a journey to discover God’s unique plan and purpose for your life?

100% Money Back Guarantee

The Living on Purpose course is designed to produce results. If for any reason you’re not thrilled with the content and potential impact it will have on your life, we’ll refund your tuition 100% within the first 30 days. No hoops and no questions asked. Just send us an email. 

More About Joseph Anfuso

Joseph has been a follower of Jesus for more than 45 years. In 1983, he founded Forward Edge International, an organization that today serves more than 33,000 vulnerable children and adults in seven different countries, and has helped thousands more Jesus followers find and pursue God's purpose for their lives.
Contact: hello@living-onpurpose.org